Kazakhstan planted spring grains throughout 285 thsd ha — Ministry of Agriculture




As of April 10, Kazakhstan planted spring spiked grains throughout the areas of 285.1 thsd ha, or 3.2% of the planned figures (8.904 mln ha), declared the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In particular, to date southern oblasts of the country started planting grains — Jambyl (173.8 thsd ha), Almaty (56.9 thsd ha), and Turkistan oblasts (48 thsd ha). At the same time, the main grain producing regions of Kazakhstan (Akmola, Kostanay, North Kazakhstan and Karaganda oblasts) still did not start the planting campaign of spring grains.

Also, Kazakhstan started planting corn for grain. As of April 10, the planted areas already reached 3.3 thsd ha, while the plan totals 146.4 thsd ha.

As for oilseeds, agrarians planted the crops throughout 77.3 thsd ha, or 7.2% of the plan (1.075 mln ha).