In the first half of 2018/19 MY, the UK imported the major share of Belarusian rapeseed meal



In August-January of 2018/19 MY, the United Kingdom became the main importer of Belarusian rapeseed meal, but last season the country did not purchase the product from Belarus at all. In the reporting period, the general shipments of Belarusian rapeseed meal to the country totaled nearly 47 thsd tonnes, or 40% of the general supplies.

In the first half of the season, Russia took the second position in the rating of importers of the Belarusian product, and almost doubled the supplies compared with the period last MY — to 14 thsd tonnes.

France closed the TOP-3 of countries-importers of Belarusian rapeseed meal, with the share of 10% in the general export structure. Last season, the country was also absent in the rating.

Generally, in the first half of the current season the foreign shipments of rapeseed meal from Belarus totaled 118 thsd tonnes, which exceeded the previous record fixed in 2014/15 MY (87 thsd tonnes).

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