China reduced the purchases of Russian soybeans — APK-Inform




According to the updated figures of APK-Inform Agency, in February 2019 China reduced the purchases of Russian soybeans to 51 thsd tonnes, a decrease of 25% compared with January 2019, and down over 2 times compared with December 2018.

In particular, the shipments of the Russian oilseed lowered, due to the early beginning of soybean harvesting campaign in Brazil, and the increased supply of the oilseed on the global market.

Generally, in September-February of 2018/19 MY China imported 418 thsd tonnes of soybeans from Russia, down 4% compared with the same figures last season.

At the same time, China remained the main country-importer of Russian soybeans, which covered 93% of the general exports of the oilseed from Russia in the first half of the season.