Ukraine: bearish trend for the export prices of new crop wheat




In the current week, the Ukrainian export market demonstrated some decline of prices for new crop wheat.

According to the Head of the grain market department at APK-Inform Agency, Anna Tanskaya, the main pressure on prices developed, in terms of the decline in quotations on the global markets, due to the growth of estimations of the carry-over stocks of wheat in the world and in the USA, as well as rather active rates of the planting campaign in Ukraine and the world.

In addition, the price situation developed in the downward trend, due to the low activity of transactions for the supply of new crop Black Sea wheat in terms of the relatively low bid prices of importers.

If in the beginning of last week, the offer prices of wheat with 11.5% protein content of the harvest-2019 for shipload lots of the Panamax type, with delivery in late July - early August, mainly totaled 191-193 USD/t FOB, then as of April 16 the offer prices mainly varied within the range of 188-192 USD/t FOB.

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