Kazakhstan: as of May 1, grain stocks totaled nearly 8 mln tonnes




As of May 1, 2019, the registered carry-over stocks of grains and pulses in Kazakhstan totaled 7.841 mln tonnes. In particular, farming households stored 1.291 mln tonnes of grains, reported the Statistics Committee at the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As a reminder, in the previous month the figures in Kazakhstan totaled 9.235 mln tonnes.

Wheat formed the major share of the general grain stocks — nearly 6.4 mln tonnes, including 4.83 mln tonnes of milling wheat, 361.28 thsd tonnes of feed wheat, and 1.2 mln tonnes of wheat for seeds.

Also, rice stocks totaled 149.88 thsd tonnes, barley — 865.85 thsd tonnes, rye — 6.98 thsd tonnes, oats — 126.9 thsd tonnes, buckwheat — 36.34 thsd tonnes, and millet — 10 thsd tonnes.