Ukraine increased the imports of buckwheat — UFEB



For four months of 2019, Ukraine supplied 3.85 thsd tonnes of buckwheat on foreign markets, an increase of 56% compared with the same figures last year, while imported 7.34 thsd tonnes of the grain, reported the Ukrainian Food Export Board (UFEB) on June 11.

It was noted that Kazakhstan became the main supplier of buckwheat to Ukraine.

According to the announcement, in the reporting period, the production of buckwheat groats in the country reached 24.54 thsd tonnes, up 26% compared with last year.

Also, Ukrainian agrarians planted buckwheat throughout 51.9 thsd ha, or 53.2% of the planned areas, but down almost 10% compared with the last year figures.

To date, buckwheat demonstrates lower profitability rates compared with such crops, as wheat, corn and sunflower seed. Grain processors and beekeepers are the main producers, who grow buckwheat, explained the UFEB expert, Lyudmila Pasechnik.