KazakhGrainExport: international expert to report about the hard wheat market in Italy and the main challenges of the industry




Within frames of his speech at the international conference "KazakhGrainExport 2019", to be held on September 19 in Istanbul (Turkey), the Business Designer for the industrial sector, Expert on durum wheat, International consultant on trading and contracts, Alex Bignoli, will report about the Italian market of durum wheat, the required quality standards for the imported grain, and the prospects for the new season-2019/20.

In particular, Alex Bignoli will talk about the logistics challenges and possible solutions, as well as answer the key market questions:

— what wheat variety is needed in Italy for the production of high-quality pasta, and where Italian millers do prefer buying grain raw materials?

— why Kazakhstan can become the key supplier of durum wheat to Italy, and how can this goal can be achieved?

— how can the logistics component impact on the export volumes of Kazakh durum to the EU?

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