In 2018/19 MY, Lebanon tripled the imports of Ukrainian corn




In October-June of 2018/19 MY, Ukraine supplied nearly 261.4 thsd tonnes of corn to Lebanon, an increase of 3.2 times compared with the same period last season (82.4 thsd tonnes). The reporting volumes of the Ukrainian grain already covered more than 29% of the forecasted imports of corn by Lebanon in the whole season (900 thsd tonnes, according to the USDA estimations).

In the current season, Brazil, Romania and Russia became the main countries-competitors of Ukraine in the supply of corn on the Lebanese market. According to the International Trade Center, in 2018 the weighted average price of Ukrainian corn delivered to Lebanon totaled 201 USD/t, against 200 USD/t for Brazilian corn, and 198 USD/t for the Romanian grain.

Last year, the price of Russian corn totaled 207 USD/t, which also contributed to reorientation of the market in the current year for purchasing of the cheaper Ukrainian grain.

You can become acquainted with more detailed information about the prospects of purchasing of Ukrainian grains by Lebanon, within frames of the international conference Middle East Grains&Oils Congress: Beirut edition, to be held in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 18-19, 2019.



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