Ukraine increased the supplies of groats and wheat bran to the EU — APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform analysts, in 2018/19 MY Ukraine supplied 42.6 thsd tonnes of flour and groat products to the EU, which formed 5% of the general exports of the reporting products from the country (904.4 thsd tonnes), and lowered by 10% compared with the previous season (47.6 thsd tonnes).


At the same time, the export structure demonstrated significant increasing of wheat bran supplies from Ukraine to the EU, as well as groats and flakes. Thus, last season the export volumes of wheat bran to the EU totaled 13.6 thsd tonnes, up 65% compared with the previous season (8.2 thsd tonnes). The supplies of groats and flakes increased by 23%, and reached 23.5 thsd tonnes.


You can receive more detailed information about the prospects of the Ukrainian market of groats crops, by visiting the annual conference "Grain Processors Forum - 2019", to be held in Odessa, on October 3-4.