Ukraine: APK-Inform analysts adjusted the forecasts of grain harvest in 2019




In September 2019, APK-Inform analysts adjusted the forecast of supply&demand balances of grains and pulses. Therefore, the figures demonstrated some slight upward trend in estimations of the general harvest and export potential.

Taking into account the recent statistics figures on the harvesting campaign of corn, the estimations of the grain yield in 2019 lowered to 6.88 t/ha (down 12% compared with the figures of 2018/19 MY). At the same time, the updated figures on the general harvest of early grains somewhat compensated the downward estimations of corn production, reported the Head of the information department at APK-Inform Agency, Andriy Kupchenko.

According to him, the current forecast of grain production in Ukraine totals 71.9 mln tonnes (up 2.6% compared with 2018). In particular, wheat harvest will total 27.9 mln tonnes (up 13.4%), barley8.9 mln tonnes (up 20.6%), and corn33.2 mln tonnes (down 7.3%).