SUN Talks with the oilseed market leaders: even Oprah to get jealous




The success of the Ukrainian fat-and-oil business includes not only good harvests, favourable market conditions, growth of the quantity and quality of production capacities, but also first of all, it includes the Personalities. The personalities, who develop the business, are the real faces of the industry, and breathe a new life into it from year to year. And what is better than just watching the pages of mass media and social networks about development of the interesting Personalities? Of course, to hear the information from the horse's mouth.

Therefore, within frames of the eighteenth international conference "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019", the workshop SUN Talks takes place, which will allow to the most successful and outstanding professionals of fat-and-oil business of Ukraine to participate in the event.

SUN Talks is a new format of communication, which involves the Personality to tell his case in the industry, the company, and life... The following specialists will tell their stories in shirt-sleeve and gavel-to-gavel way:

Arina Korchmaryova, MBA, BSc Chemistry and Biotechnology, Vice President - Eastern Europe and Turkey Business Group, Cotecna Inspection

Stanislav Tarshyn, Chairman, GradOil GROUP

Vadim Shvachka, Co-Owner, Director, UKROLIYA LLC

Konstantin Romashko, Co-founder, Stark Shipping

Denis Dmitriev, Founder, Oleos

They have something to say, and their stories will undoubtedly be very interesting, as they will present the facts of life of the certain successful business participant.

Join "Fat-and-Oil Industry - 2019", because the best and brightest specialists will make their reports within frames of the event!

For all participation questions, please contact APK-Inform Agency:

+38 (067) 634-26-05, +38 (0562) 32-15-95 (multi-channel),

Irina Ozip (ext. 115)[email protected],

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