UPL — the Exclusive Sponsor of KazOil 2019




UPL, one of the five largest agrochemical companies in the world, became the Exclusive Sponsor of the III international conference "KazOil 2019", to be held in the capital of Kazakhstan — Nur-Sultan (Rixos President Astana hotel), on November 5.

In February 2019, UPL Limited completed the acquisition of Arysta LifeScience Inc. and formed a new leader in the global agriculture. The new company became one the major agricultural businesses in the world, as well as the leader in the sphere of global food systems in development of agricultural solutions, with the revenue of nearly 5 bln USD.

The company has a footprint in 76 countries and sales in 130+ countries. The company produces its commodities at 34 plants around the world, as well as the company's portfolio includes more than 13 thsd registrations.

New UPL produces the full-cycle commodities and technologies for agricultural producers, such as seeds, crop protection products, bio- and resource-saving technologies. Having the global market access to the world’s food basket and focused on high-growth regions, New UPL represents a compelling value proposition for agricultural growers, distributors, suppliers and innovation partners on the consolidating market, which allows the company's customers to increase their efficiency and competitiveness to the breakthrough level!

In pursuit of its long-terms vision to be the global leader in the global food network, UPL also launched its new purpose, called "Open Agriculture" (OpenAg). It stands for open minded partnerships and creating win-win partnerships, in order to transform agriculture by creating the open agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all. It will be the open agricultural network without borders and restrictions — cooperation open to everything new, as well as formation of mutually profitable partnerships, contributing to expansion of the space to create value for producers, distributors and suppliers, along with the further and wider expansion of the food production network.

Thus, New UPL is the unique company where the widest and most innovative range of solutions (in the sphere of seeds, crop protection products, biosolutions and many others), and technologies for agricultural producers, combined with the flexibility of doing business, as well as the highest efficiency and maximum customer-oriented approach.

Register to participate in the conference "KazOil 2019", and get the unique opportunity to meet with representatives of UPL, and establish the mutually beneficial cooperation.