For 10 recent seasons, the EU became the most stable importer of feed components — APK-Inform




Перспективы поставок кормовых компонентов в ЕСThe analysis of the dynamics of feed consumption of the major grain crops (wheat, barley, corn, sorghum, rye, oats and millet) and oilseed meals (sunflower, soybean and rapeseed meals) in the EU, realized by APK-Inform analysts, demonstrated that the reporting indicators were relatively stable for 10 recent seasons, and totaled nearly 160 mln tonnes and 50 mln tonnes, respectively.

According to the Head of the information department at APK-Inform Agency, Andriy Kupchenko, the average annual increase of feed consumption of the reporting components by the EU countries totals 1%.

In addition, the growth rates became significantly lower compared with the global indicators, as a result the EU's share in the global feed consumption of grains decreased from 24% in 2009/10 MY, to 18%, forecasted in the season-2019/20. Also, in the segment of oilseed meals, the indicator decreased from 20% to 17%.

According to the growth rates of feed consumption, the EU destination is less attractive for the supplies of Ukrainian grains and meals than, for example, the market of Asia, which active population growth stimulates the further development of animal husbandry, A.Kupchenko explained.