Weather conditions provided the worst soil moistening under winter crops over the past decade in Ukraine




There were observed precipitations deficit in Ukraine from the second half of August to the end of October. Moreover, higher temperature condition through the autumn and high daytime temperatures led to unfavorable conditions for moisture accumulation in soils on areas determined for winter crops planting. Thus, soil moistening under winter crops at the beginning of cold period is the worst over the past decade, informed the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

Sowing campaign was finalizing in poor moisturized soil with insufficient moisture reserves for grain germinating and sprouting over the significant territories. However, local mists and abundant morning dew provided some moisture reserves in topsoil through large area.

Thus, despite autumn drought, weather peculiarities and agro-technical efforts provided rather satisfactory conditions of winter crops at the end of the autumn. Winter crops seeding was in good and excellent condition through 57% of planted area (56% in 2018), in satisfactory – 31% (35% in 2018) and in poor – 12% (35% in 2018).