In 2019/20 MY, Uzbekistan to keep the high level of wheat imports




According to the IGC figures, in 2019/20 MY wheat imports to Uzbekistan will remain at the high level, and reach nearly 2.9 mln tonnes, which corresponded to the last season level. The high foreign purchases of the grain developed, due to the gradual growth of the consumption rates in the country, which in 2019/20 MY may reach 9.4 mln tonnes.

The gradual increase of wheat consumption was be driven by the desire of the government to actively develop the domestic grain processing industry, while stimulating the foreign purchases of raw materials. As a reminder, last year Uzbekistan canceled the VAT treatment on grain imports. As a result, there was observed some decreasing of demand for imported flour from Uzbekistan, which is the third largest country-buyer of the product in the world. In 2019/20 MY, the supplies of the reporting by-product to Uzbekistan will reach 0.9 mln tonnes, which almost meet the last season figures, but nevertheless, it will reduce compared with 2017/18 MY, when the imports exceeded 1 mln tonnes.

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