Ukraine steadily took the position of the supplier of the cheapest grains — expert




To date, Ukraine steadily occupies the position of the supplier of the cheapest grain crops in the list of the largest global wheat exporters, and unfortunately, the grains do not have the best qualitative figures, reported the former interim Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Olga Trofimtseva, to APK-Inform journalists.

As for the systemic changes that producers and exporters in Ukraine would need to focus their efforts on to improve the competitive stability of the grain sector, first of all, the issues cover the quality of products. In the furtherance of this goal, it is necessary to manage a set of measures on the whole chain — from grain growing to its exports. In addition, the traceability assurance from the field to the end user, including its phytosanitary condition and seed selection, plays rather important role in the issue, she said.

According to O.Trofimtseva, it is too late to check the quality of grain cargoes in the ports or in the vessel hold, because the problem should be solved systematically.

It is sensible of the fact that the periodically arising issues of receiving notifications can be both objective and related to competitive activity. At the same time, achieving of the high quality level of grains will allow to Ukraine to claim its position on the global market, keep its sales markets, and even increase its presence in certain countries, added the former interim Minister.

Also, O.Trofimtseva stressed that to date, there are many import-dependent countries, so it is necessary to continue working on opening of new sales markets (including expanding the presence of Ukrainian grains and pulses in Asian countries), working on free trade agreements or preferential trade agreements, etc.

You can read the full interview with O.Trofimtseva "Ukraine needs to work hard to strengthen its positions on the global market — O.Trofimtseva", in the weekly issue Agrimarket Weekly #3 dd. January 27, 2020.