In February 2020, Russia to export nearly 2.5 mln tonnes of grains — Rusagrotrans




In February 2020, Russia will ship nearly 2.5-2.55 mln tonnes of grains on foreign markets, declared the Head of the analytical center at Rusagrotrans JSC, Igor Pavensky, on February 13.

The forecasted figures will somewhat reduce compared with the same month last year, when Russia exported 2.7 mln tonnes of grains.

In particular, in February 2020 wheat will cover the main share in the structure of grain shipments — 1.8-1.85 mln tonnes, as opposed to 2.15 mln tonnes in February 2019.

In addition, I.Pavensky reported about increasing of the preliminary estimations of the export volumes of Russian grains in January — from 2.25 mln tonnes, to 2.37 mln tonnes. The figures also somewhat lowered compared with the last year results — in January 2019, the Russian ports shipped 3.32 mln tonnes of grains. At the same time, in January 2020 the exports of wheat and barley decreased, compared with the last year level — from 2.62 mln tonnes, to 1.78 mln tonnes, and from 386 thsd tonnes, to 281 thsd tonnes respectively, while the shipments of corn slightly increased — from 261 thsd tonnes, to 298 thsd tonnes.