Ukraine: stevedores in the seaports shipped 25 mln tonnes of cargoes




Since the beginning of the current year, and as of February 26, stevedoring companies operating in the Ukrainian seaports already shipped more than 25 mln tonnes of cargoes, up 13.5% compared with the same period last year, declared the State Enterprise Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), on February 27.

Sea Commercial Port Yuzhny kept the top position among all seaports, and its port operators shipped 8.86 mln tonnes of cargoes. Then, stevedores of Sea Commercial Port of Mykolaiv shipped 4.8 mln tonnes of cargoes. In Sea Commercial Port of Chornomorsk, the transshipment rates totaled more than 4.25 mln tonnes, and in the Odessa port — more than 4 mln tonnes. The port of Mariupol closes the TOP-5 of the ports by transshipment volumes, where operators already processed more than 1 mln tonnes of cargoes.

Also, grains continued keeping the leading positions among cargo groups — more than 8.7 mln tonnes.