Ukraine: quarantine may set to the deficit of resources for agrarians — expert




The impact of the quarantine imposed in Ukraine in terms of the current coronavirus pandemic may set to development of the deficit of resources for agrarians, declared the Director of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”, Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NAAS), Yuri Lupenko.

According to him, the expenses of agrarians will also increase, due to the increase of the prices of resources and services, in terms of reduction of their supply and devaluation rates of the national currency.

The scientist forecasted that the revenues of agricultural producers from the sale of products will likely reduce, including the export operations, due to the falling prices on the global market, limitations on the shipment of goods, etc. Decreasing of the securities quotation of Ukrainian agricultural holdings on the global market may lead to increasing of the cost of investment resources for such companies.

At the same time, the expert warned that the agricultural households that supply products on the urban markets on their own will face the largest losses. After all, their products are mostly short-term storage — milk, dairy products, vegetables, fruits. Due to the quarantine restrictions, the agricultural population will not be able to deliver their products to the cities and sell them, at least in the same volumes as before imposing of the quarantine.