Ukraine: in 2019 the provision of agriculture with machinery declined – expert




In Ukraine the further declined of the level of the provision of agriculture with machinery and the mechanisms of its regulatory needs were the feature of 2019, informed Alexander Zakharchuk the Head of investing and distribution department of National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics” on April 8 according to the press-service of the institute.

In particular, if in 2018 this figure totaled 51.7%, in 2019 it declined by 12 billion UAH – to 49.5%.

The expert said that such tendency was caused by the decline of the purchases by agrarians of both imported and Ukrainian machines.

“According to the scientist of Institute of Agrarian Economics, Ukrainian plants-producers are able to meet nearly 15-20% of the demand of agriculture of Ukraine. At the same time, in 20019 the import of the machines declined by 17% year-on-year and totaled $769.2 mln” – said A. Zakharchuk.

Also, the Institute of Agrarian Economics forecasts further decrease of the purchasing and selling volumes of machines in 2020 because of the reduction of the import-export operations by 15-20%. This situation will lead to the further decline of the provision rate of agriculture with machinery by 1.0-1.5%.