Ukraine: new crop wheat prices down




Since the beginning of May, Ukrainian wheat prices on CPT-port basis faced multidirectional trends due to external market development, correlation between traders’ activity and amount of offers of large grain lots from farmers and currency factor. Thus, the prices of new-crop wheat declined due to seasonal factor and forecasted better conditions of sowings amid welcome rains across much of Ukraine.

According to APK-Inform, as of May 8, the bid prices on 2 and 3-grade wheat of 2020 crop in deep-sea ports declined by average 3-4 USD/t and reached 177-179 and 176-178 USD/t CPT-port correspondingly. The bid prices of feed wheat declined by 1-3 USD/t to 169-171 USD/t CPT-port.

At the same time, the bid prices of new-crop 2 and 3-grade wheat as well as feed wheat in Azov Sea ports decreased a bit and mainly totaled 171, 169 and 160 USD/t CPT-port correspondingly.