May export of Ukrainian sunflower oil: new high




According to State Customs Service, in May, Ukraine exported 640 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil at the sum of 462.5 mln USD, including 577 thsd tonnes of crude oil and 62 thsd tonnes of refined oil.

May export volume was the record high of the month, up almost 10% compared to the year ago figure (586 thsd tonnes at the sum of 407 mln USD).

At the same time, the export volume declined by 11% compared to the result of April 2020, when Ukraine shipped the all-time record 717.4 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil.

Since the beginning of 2019/20 MY (September-May), Ukraine exported nearly 5.2 mln tonnes of sunflower oil, up 8% compared to the same period of the previous season.

The key export destinations of Ukrainian sunflower oil, export forecasts for 2019/20 MY and 2020/21 MY and many other issues will be discussed during the on-line conference dedicated to the market of sunflower oil on June 11