JSC “Ukrainian Railways” is able to transport 60% of grain for export in 2020/21 MY




JSC “Ukrainian Railways” supposed that it would transport 33 mln tonnes of new-crop grain for export in 2020/21 MY, that makes up 60% of forecasted 70 mln tonnes, informed the press-service of the company.

The transportation of grain through ports will remain the main direction of grain railway transportation.

There were 209 stations opened for the loading of grain by blocks to raise the volumes of grain transportation and increase the efficiency of railway rolling stock performance. The block train shipments faced the high demand last season and turned to be the efficient instrument for fast delivery of cargoes and cost minimization.

“We will not see the rush for grain hoppers this year as there is the surplus of the hoppers on the market. 13 thsd of grain hoppers will be enough taking into account the capacities of ports, and there are almost 30 thsd of hoppers in Ukraine. Private owners have more hoppers than Ukrainian Railways, the company is not the monopolist in this market segment”, - pointed out the head of commercial department, Andrey Miroshnikov.

He mentioned that the infrastructure allows to unload 1800 grain hoppers per day and load 2400-3000 hoppers. Such mismatch leads to the accumulation of cargoes on the approaches to ports.