Russia decreased the export of grains by almost 3% in 2019/20 MY




According to the preliminary estimate, in 2019/20 MY, Russia exported 41.05 mln tonnes of grains (pulses and supply to the EAEU), down 2.8% compared to the result of the previous season, declared the Head of the analytical center at Rusagrotrans JSC, Igor Pavensky.

Wheat export declined to 32.96 mln tonnes (34.62 mln tonnes in 2018/19 MY), barley – to 4.04 (4.35) mln tonnes, while the shipments of corn increased to 3.85 (2.67) mln tonnes.

“In June 2020, Russia exported about 592 thsd tonnes of grains compared to 1.37 mln tonnes in June 2019. Particularly, wheat shipments decreased to 338 (922) thsd tonnes, barley – to 119 (151) thsd tonnes, corn – to 129 (286) thsd tonnes”, - I.Pavensky  added.

The analyst informed that the preliminary estimate shows the export of grains at nearly 3.5 mln tonnes in July 2020, down from 4.76 mln tonnes in the same month year ago.

“In July, Russia will export 2.7 (3.98) mln tonnes of wheat, about 0.5 mln tonnes of barley and nearly 300 thsd tonnes of corn”, - he summarized.