NAMEX canceled the sales of intervention grains for the fifth day in a row




On July 31, CJSC National Mercantile Exchange again canceled the sales of all proposed grain batches from the public intervention fund for supplying on the domestic market, reported CJSC National Mercantile Exchange (NAMEX).

Generally, the proposed volumes totaled 33.277 thsd tonnes of grains. In particular, on the reporting day the commodity exchange canceled the sales of 20.452 thsd tonnes of 3-grade wheat of the harvest-2015, 10.8 thsd tonnes of 3-grade wheat of the harvest-2014, and 2.025 thsd tonnes of 4-grade wheat of the harvest-2016.

On July 31, the NAMEX did not propose to sell barley to buyers at all.

The following trading days are scheduled for August 3-6.