KADORR Agro Group sponsored GMD Conference 2020: Summer Edition




KADORR Agro affiliated with KADORR Group sponsored GMD Conference 2020: Summer Edition.

The first project the company fulfilled was the elevator complex “Zerno-Agro” located in Dnipropetrovsk oblast. The storage capacity totals 65 thsd tonnes. The complex is equipped with an advanced laboratory, facilities for long-term storage, stations for road and railway loading (railway loading from Erastovka station).

“Zerno-Agro” provides receiving, cleaning, drying, and shipping of crops via road and railway on a year-round basis. The company built and put in service a branch railway line.

The elevator is fitted with the best European and Ukrainian equipment, which delivers accurate figures, contributing to monitoring quality of grain and oilseed crops on an on-going basis.

Another area of business of “Zerno-Agro” is the forward credit provision for farmers. The company plans to create agricultural cooperative and get the ability to provide small and medium farmers with modern equipment, fuel, fertilizers at wholesale.

The project provides for construction of own port terminal, large processing capacities and new elevator complexes in other oblasts of the country.


GMD Conference 2020: Summer Edition to be held on August 20, 2020 in Odessa (outdoor area of Maristella Marine Residence hotel). Taking into account the reality of the current year, we will hold the event with observance of all required health and safety regulations.