Ukraine: harvesting campaign is 56% completed




As of August 6, agrarians of Ukraine harvested nearly 33 mln tonnes of grains and pulses throughout 8.5 mln ha (56% of the plan) informed the press-service of the Ministry for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture.

Generally, farmers harvested 35.1 mln tonnes of grains, pulses and rapeseed (+6.4 mln tonnes per week) throughout 9.5 mln ha.

In particular, agrarians harvested 23.1 mln tonnes of wheat throughout 5.8 mln ha (87%), 7.9 mln tonnes of barley throughout 2.1 mln ha (90%), 476 thds tonnes of peas throughout 216 thsd ha (93%).

Moreover, the harvesting campaign of rapeseed was carried throughout the areas of 1 mln ha (91%), the production volumes reached 2.2 mln tonnes.

Particularly, farmers of Kharkov oblast harvested 3.7 mln tonnes of crops throughout 728 thsd ha, Zaporizhia oblast – 3.6 mln tonnes throughout 1.1 mln ha, Dnipropetrovsk oblast – 3.4 mln tonnes of crops throughout 928 thsd ha, and Mykolayiv oblast – 2.5 mln tonnes throughout 868 thsd ha.