Ukrainian seaports tripled grain exports in July




According to the monitoring reports by APK-Inform Agency, in the period of July 1-31, 2020, the seaports of Ukraine increased the export volumes of major grain crops. Thus, in the reporting period the seaports shipped for exports 2.49 mln tonnes of grains, up 32% compared with the previous month volumes (1.89 mln tonnes, taking into account the updated figures).

In particular, in the reporting period the shipments of wheat increased by 6 times — to 1.3 mln tonnes, barley— by 7.4 times to 956 thsd tonnes. At the same time, the ports decreased the shipment of corn by almost 7 times — to 224 thsd tonnes.

In the reporting month, Indonesia was the largest importer of wheat (176.8 thsd tonnes), China was the main destination for corn (71 thsd tonnes) and barley (451.1 thsd tonnes).

In 2020/21 MY, the Mykolaiv Sea Commercial Port (672 mln tonnes) still remained the leader in the exports of major grain crops. The Sea Commercial Port of Pivdennyj (619 thsd tonnes) and the Chornomorsk Commercial Sea Port (394 thsd tonnes) took the second and third positions, respectively.