Ukrainian milling wheat has high natural weight – expert




Despite the pessimistic expectations of market participants regarding the quality of wheat of the harvest-2020 at the start of the season, the grain has high natural weight, declared the Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian Millers Association, Commercial Director of SFGCU, Rodion Rybchinskiy within GMD Conference 2020: Summer Edition on August 20.

“We see high natural weight of Ukrainian milling wheat of the harvest-2020. The average level is about 790 g/l. There are some local problems, however, the overall situation is positive. At the same time, the quality of wheat in the western region will be lower than that of the central region for the first time in the last 6-7 years”, - he explained.

The expert added that the varying weather conditions, particularly, higher amount of precipitation in the western part of the country caused the abovementioned situation.