Kazakhstan almost doubled flour export in July 2020 - APK-Inform




In July 2020, Kazakhstan exported 132.8 thsd tonnes of wheat flour, up 29% compared to the same month of 2019, reported the State revenue committee Ministry of finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As usually, Afghanistan was a largest importer of Kazakh flour. It bought nearly 91 thsd tonnes of the product in July 2020, up 1.9 times compared to July 2019 (48.6 thsd tonnes). Uzbekistan took the second place - 28.8 thsd tonnes, down 21 %. Tajikistan increased import of Kazakh flour by almost 4 times to 8 thsd tonnes and took the third place among buyers.

In July 2020, Uzbekistan imported 279.2 thsd tonnes of Kazakh wheat (up 27%), Tajikistan - 43.6 thsd tonnes (down 24%) and Afghanistan - 6.2 thsd tonnes (up 3.2 times). These countries formed TOP-3 importers of Kazakh wheat in July 2020.

APK-Inform forecast wheat flour export from Kazakhstan to reach 1.2 mln tonnes in 2020/21 MY, down 20% compared to 2019/20 MY. Wheat export could decline by 3% to 4.5 mln tonnes.