Ukraine decreased corn export by 4% in October-August




According to APK-Inform, Ukraine exported 28.7 mln tonnes of corn in October-August of 2019/20 MY, down 4% compared to the same period of 2018/19 MY (29.9 mln tonnes). The EU and China were the main importers of Ukrainian corn. Their common share reached 55% or 15.9 mln tonnes.

Particularly, China significantly increased purchases of Ukrainian corn in October-August. The country imported 5.4 mln tonnes of corn, up 43% compared to the year ago figure (3.8 mln tonnes).

The EU imported 10.5 mln tonnes of Ukrainian corn over the reporting period, down 34%. Spain and the Netherlands were the key buyers with the common share at 63% (6.6 mln tonnes) out of the total volume of Ukrainian corn supplied to the EU. They decreased import of corn by 20% compared to October-August of 2018/19 MY. At the same time, Portugal increased purchases of Ukrainian corn by 15% to 799.3 thsd tonnes and was included into the list of TOP-10 importers of Ukrainian grain.

USDA forecast the EU to import 25 mln tonnes of corn in 2020/21 MY, up 28% compared to 2019/20 MY. Thus, Ukraine has a chance to increase shipments of corn to Europe.