APK-Inform lowered its forecast of sunflower seed and rapeseed production




APK-Inform lowered its forecast of harvested area as well as yield and crop size of sunflower seed in Ukraine in 2020.

The downward revision was based on unfavorable conditions of crop and low sunflower seed yield in the key producing regions (central and southern).

“Updated forecast of sunflower seed crop was set at 15.5 mln tonnes compared to 16.2 mln tonnes expected before. We do not exclude further downward revision of the crop forecast. In 2019, Ukraine produced 16.1 mln tonnes of sunflower seed”, - the experts pointed out.

Moreover, APK-Inform lowered rapeseed crop forecast from 2.7 mln tonnes to 2.64 mln tonnes, down 20% compared to 2019. Rapeseed export potential was reduced to 2.45 mln tonnes (-15% compared to 2019/20 MY).

Traders informed that about 90% of rapeseed export potential has been already contracted.