Ukraine to decrease sunflower seed production to 15 mln tonnes - Ukroliyaprom




Ukraine will harvest 15 mln tonnes of sunflower seed in 2020/21 MY, down 1.7% compared to the preceding season (15.24 mln tonnes), declared the Ukroliyaprom Association on September 21.

The decline of production will be caused by deterioration of sunflower seed yield by 8.2% from 2.56 t/ha in 2019 to 2.36 t/ha in 2020. At the same time, the extension of planted area under the oilseed by 7.5% from 5.928 mln ha to 6.372 mln ha will partially offset the yield drop.  

Moreover, rapeseed production will decline by 20.7% to 2.6 (3.28) mln tonnes, soybean - by 18.9% to 3 (3.698) mln tonnes. The decrease of both yield and planted area of these crops resulted in output drop.

“The overall production of three main oilseed crops will reach 20.6 mln tonnes in Ukraine in 2020/21 MY, down 7.3% compared to 2019/20 MY (22.232 mln tonnes). The average yield of Ukrainian oilseeds will decrease from 2.53 t/ha to 2.33 t/ha, while the harvested area will grow by 0.6% to 8.846 mln ha”, - was stated in the message.