Global rapeseed production doubled over the last 20 years - APK-Inform




Global rapeseed production doubled over the last 20 years to 70 mln tonnes, declared Julia Ivanitskaya, analyst of APK-Inform Agency on September 30 within the online conference Fat&Oil Industry-2020.

“Every 8-10 years, rapeseed crop rose by 10 mln tonnes. The most significant growth was observed in 2007 when biofuel industry started to develop dynamically. In 3 years, from 2007 to 2009, rapeseed production increased from 50 to 60 mln tonnes. The largest crop was harvested in 2017 when the conditions were the most favorable in all key producing countries”, - she explained.

However, we see the decline of rapeseed production to 70 mln tonnes in recent years due to unfavorable weather in some regions as well as low crude oil prices that impact the biofuel industry.

“Impressive growth of rapeseed oil consumption for technical usage have been observed since the early 2000s. Its share is 28-30% now. It grew from 1 mln tonnes in 2000 to 8-8.5 mln tonnes in the current time. The food consumption have raised by 65% over the last 20 years”, - J. Ivanitskaya added.

The demand from the EU is the main driver of technical consumption of rapeseed oil in the world, while China is pushing food consumption up.