Share of 4-grade wheat declined but remains high in Russia




As of October 22, the share of 4-grade wheat in the structure of harvested wheat declined by 0.3% compared to the previous week, reported the Federal State-Funded Institution "Russian Agricultutal Center".

The experts examined 13.52 mln tonnes of wheat (15.5% out of total harvested volume). Particularly, the share of 5-grade wheat totaled 3.87 mln tonnes (28.6%). Share of 4-grade wheat (gluten content 18-22%) totaled 5.45 mln tonnes (40.3%), share of 3-grade wheat (gluten content 23% and higher) totaled 3.98 mln tonnes (29.4%), share of 2-grade wheat (gluten content 28% and higher) totaled 145.6 thsd tonnes (1.1%), and share of 1-grade wheat (gluten content 32% and higher) totaled 68.9 thsd tonnes (0.5%).