New brand of sunflower oil introduced to Ukrainian market




LEK-STAR Company introduced the new brand of refined sunflower oil under the trademark OLIA to Ukrainian market.

LEK-STAR (Darievka village, Kherson oblast) is a young modern enterprise who processes sunflower seed and produces sunflower oil. The company has a full-cycle processing including pressed oil production, extraction, refining and deodorization. In 2019, LEK-STAR launched a modern production unit for sunflower oil bottling using nitration method that naturally raises the period of storing and transportation of oil.

The company pays high attention to quality of both feedstock (sunflower seed) and finished product (oil). Therefore, the own laboratory is essential for the company. The laboratory has a modern certified European equipment as well as skilled and professionally educated personnel.

For more detailed information please contact LEK-STAR: +38050460-32-79,