Winter crop not to suffer from severe frosts - scientists




Currently, winter crops are in winter dormancy in Ukraine and in slight winter dormancy in southern region of the country. The condition of crops is good and satisfactory, informed NAAS on January 15.

The air temperature will decline in coming days and there will be a risk for winter crops in case of small snow cover and long-lasting frosts.

“Damage and winterkilling happen when snow cover does not reach optimal height during 3 ten-day periods under the certain temperature. Condition of snow cover matters as well. Currently, snow at the topsoil is full of moisture and is frost bound, it has high conductivity. The upper layer of snow was accumulated under the subfreezing temperature, it has higher thermal characteristic. Moreover, the height of snow cover is growing”, - the expert explained.

Currently, the content of sugars in the tillering zone of winter crops are enough for plants to pass expected 20°С frosts with the minimal losses even under small snow cover.