Quality of Kazakh oilseeds of the harvest-2020 higher than year ago - SGS Kazakhstan




Analysis of samples of flaxseed of the harvest-2020 made by SGS Kazakhstan revealed high oil content of the oilseed, declared business development manager at SGS Kazakhstan Ltd, Zhandos Esmagul within Kazakh Oilseed Summit: Online Edition on January 21.

“Oil content of flaxseed varies from 40% to 45%. The average oil content is 43.2%. The figures are higher compared to 2019. FFA index is not higher than acceptable limit of 2%. Oleaginous impurities and moisture content match the norm as well”, - he pointed out.

The expert said that the rapeseed of the harvest-2020 had higher oil content too. Other important export markers match the permissible limits as well.

“Quality of sunflower seed is good too. Oil content is 40-53%, quantity of broken seeds (1.5%) and heated seeds (1.7%) is low. The content of micotoxins, pesticide residuals, heavy metals, etc. is not higher than acceptable limits. The average moisture is 8%”, - Z.Esmagul added.