Prices of peas set new high in Ukrainian seaports




According to APK-Inform, since the first ten-day period of January, the prices of peas have started to grow again in deep-sea ports of Ukraine.

“Despite the overall volatility on the export market, the prices of peas are mainly growing due to reserved farmers’ selling and gradual decline of stocks as well as decrease of peas production by 15% in Ukraine in the current season. High competition from processing enterprises is pushing the prices in ports up too. Processors raised their prices as well. The appreciation on neighbor markets, preliminary soybean and some niche crops, supported the prices of peas as well”, - the head of the local markets department of APK-Inform, Anna Tanskaya commented.

The bid prices of peas increased by average 500-1000 UAH/t and reached 9500-10500 UAH/t СРТ-port as of January 27. Only some traders set their prices at 9300-9400 UAH/t СРТ-port.

Thus, the bid prices of traders exceeded historical high (9400-10100 UAH/t CPT-port) observed in late April - early May of 2016.

“Such high prices were observed throughout January. However, the situation may change due to moderate demand from importers. On the other hand, the export of Ukrainian peas is significantly lower than the year ago mainly due to Indian factor. Ukraine has exported about 60% of its potential in July-December. Thus, it is too early to seal the deal”, - the expert summarized.