Export of Ukrainian barley to China 2 mln tonnes higher than year ago




Ukraine exported 4.08 mln tonnes of barley in July-March of 2020/21 MY, down slightly from the result of the same period of the preceding season (4.22 mln tonnes), official data says.

China remained the leading importer of Ukrainian barley this season. It imported 2.8 mln tonnes of the grain in July-March of 2020/21 MY compared to 0.8 mln tonnes over the same period of 2019/20 MY and 0.85 mln tonnes in the full 2019/20 MY.

At the same time, supplies to Saudi Arabia declined from 1.13 mln tonnes to only 0.33 mln tonnes so far in 2020/21 MY. Export of Ukrainian barley to Turkey and Algeria declined sharply as well. There were no shipment to Spain at all in the current season.