Exporter is oriented on those markets with more attractive prices - Sedik




No matter how tolerant are the requirements of importers, an exporter is oriented on those markets with more attractive prices, declared the First Deputy Chairman of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection (SSUFSCP), Vladislav Sedik on an interview with APK-Inform.

“Pricing is always the key factor. Thus, the focus should be put on the development of perspective markets, where the demand is confirmed by prices. Previously, the lion share of Ukrainian barley went to Saudi Arabia and UAE. However, when China appeared among the importers of Ukrainian barley (with tough requirements, but attractive premium), most of exporters reoriented on this market”, - he said.

The expert added that the mass spring field works are starting. Thus, the fields for cultivation of barley for export to China will be examined, as China requires barley to be produced on “free areas”.

“It is requirement of importer (quite large). Thus, we have rather simple choice - to comply with it and to export or not to comply and not to export. But wheat we have? Traders do not want to deal with it saying that farmers have to examine and certify fields. While farmers go by prices and it is does not matter for them to whom to sell their barley on the domestic market. They do not have interest where their barley will be exported”, - V.Sedik pointed out.

He added that some traders manage to settle the matter with farmers, some of them take it upon themselves and other ask the SSUFSCP and the Ministry to chancel these requirements as they are difficult to comply with.

Full interview will be published at our website in the section Exclusive/Opinion on April 10.