Where Ukraine can export remaining volumes of corn - ARIA COMMODITIES




Ukraine will export 22 mln tonnes of corn in 2020/21 MY, including 18.5 mln tonnes or more to be sold by the end of April, said the director of ARIA COMMODITIES UKRAINE, Oleg Levchenko to APK-Inform.

“Thus, Ukraine will have to export about 3.5 mln tonnes of corn during the rest of the season. It is quite real taking into account better performance of farmers’ sales. I think it does not make sense to keep high stocks of corn when the prices are at the current level, and few sellers can afford it. It is irrationally to keep the grain as the prices can decline pressured by both new-crop of South American corn and new-crop of Ukrainian and Black Sea wheat”, - O.Levchenko pointed out.

In addition, he stressed that the new-crop of Brazilian corn is shifted by 1.5 month, i.e. there will be mass volumes coming from two key regions in September. Consequently, sooner or later the moment will come, and Ukraine will sell corn to all countries where there will be any demand. According to the company's experts, so far Ukraine has potential options, and not bad ones. Going forward everything will depend on the prices of South American corn.

“As an agrarian, I would sell 30% or even 50% of the future crop, thereby hedging my risks. After all, it is not yet clear what the summer will be like this year. Meteorologists say it can be as dry as the last one. Anyway, the agrarians will not lose, taking into account the price conjuncture. All smart ones have already sold their corn at 200-210 USD/t CPT-port”, - O.Levchenko summarized.