Russia raised export of oilseeds and by-product by 1.4 times in March




According to APK-Inform data, Russia exported 649.3 thsd tonnes of oilseeds and by-products during March 1-31 via river and sea ports, up by 1.4 times compared to the previous month (460.6 thsd tonnes, considering the data update).

Sunflower seed and by-products export totaled 552 thsd tones, including 434 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil (up 1.5 times), 113 thsd tonnes of sunflower meal (up 2 times) and 5 thsd tonnes of sunflower seed (no export in February).

The export of soybean by-product totaled 54 thsd tones, including 23 thsd tonnes of soybean oil (up 12.5%) and 31 thsd tonnes of soybean meal (down 28.3%).

The export of rapeseed by-products totaled 43 thsd tonnes (down 13.8%), including 18 thsd tonnes of rapeseed oil (down 30.8%) and 25 thsd tonnes of rapeseed meal (up 4.6%).

The main export destinations of Russian oilseeds and by-product in March included Turkey (206.4 thsd tonnes), China (72.5 thsd tonnes) and Iran (48.3 thsd tonnes).

Since the beginning of a current season, port of Rostov-on-Don was a leader in shipments of oilseeds and by-products (1.17 mln tonnes). Port of Kaliningrad (848 thsd tonnes) took the second place and port of Taman (548 thsd tonnes) took the third position.