Kazakhstan to extend planted area under oilseeds to 5 mln ha by 2030 - Nevzorov




Kazakhstan may plant about 3.4 mln ha with oilseed crops in 2021 (3.18 mln ha in 2020). The planted area can be extended to nearly 5 mln ha by 2030, declared the President of Association “Fat&Oil Union of Kazakhstan”, Konstantin Nevzorov within Asia Grains & Oils Conference: Online Edition organized by APK-Inform.

Besides the extension of the planted area, better yield of oilseeds are the main drivers for growth of vegetable oils production in Kazakhstan. The average yield of oilseeds can reach 1.05 t/ha in 2021 (1.01 t/ha in 2020).

“Thanks to better agro-technologies, existence of companies who are interested in improvement of yield and develop innovations, we can reach the average yield of 1.5 t/ha by 2030”, - he stressed out.

Kazakhstan can produce almost 570 thsd tonnes of vegetable oils in 2021 (495 thsd tonnes in 2020). The export of vegetable oils will exceed 170 thsd tonnes (145 thsd tonnes in 2020), while import will decline to 80 thsd tonnes (105 thsd tonnes). The domestic consumption of oils will amount to 474 thsd tonnes (468 thsd tonnes).

K.Nevzorov said that the high share of vegetable oils’ export, free processing capacities and resources of agricultural lands were the main key factors for successful development of fat&oil industry of Kazakhstan. Export potential of fat&oil products on the markets of Central Asia and China as well as organic products on the European market also have high influence. The development of livestock sector and higher global demand for oilseed and protein products can also stimulate the progress of Kazakh fat&oil industry.

“Uzbekistan is the second largest importer of Kazakh vegetable oils. Moreover, it is one of the leading buyers of Kazakh oilseeds”, - the expert added.