Russia planted more than 50 mln ha with spring crops




According to the operative data, as of June 9, Russian farmers planted spring agricultural crops throughout the general areas of 50.3 mln ha or 97.7% of the forecast, declared the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

“Russian farmers planted spring grain crops throughout the areas of 29.2 mln ha or 99.7% of the forecast. In particular, farmers planted wheat throughout 12.9 mln ha (102%), barley - 7.3 mln ha (95.4%), corn for grain - 3 mln ha (105.2%), rice - 183.5 thsd ha (95.6%)”, - was stated in the message.

Farmers planted spring rapeseed throughout 1.4 mln ha (110.5%), sunflower seed - 9 mln ha (105.7%), soybean - 2.6 mln ha (86.1%).

As of the reporting date, farmers planted sugar beet throughout 1 mln ha or 95.8% of the plan.