Ukraine exported nearly 750 thsd tonnes of grain so far in June




According to the State Customs Service, since the beginning of 2020/21 MY and as of June 11, Ukraine exported 42.935 mln tonnes of grains and pulses, down 12.281 mln tonnes compared to the same date in 2020.

Ukraine has shipped 743 thsd tonnes of grain so far in June.

Since the start of the season, wheat export has reached 16.113 mln tonnes (down 4.104 mln tonnes), barley - 4.146 mln tonnes (down 814 thsd tonnes), corn - 21.97 mln tonnes (down 7.374 mln tonnes).

Besides, Ukraine has exported 4 thsd tonnes of rye in June. Thus, the total export of rye amounted to 8.3 thsd tonnes (up 0.1 thsd tonnes).

Moreover, Ukraine exported 116.2 thsd tonnes of flour (down 206.1 thsd tonnes), including 115.1 thsd tonnes of wheat flour (down 204.8 thsd tonnes).