Russia shipped 90% of its barley export potential




According to APK-Inform, Russia exported 5.6 mln tonnes of barley in July-April, up by 33% compared to the same period of the preceding season (4.2 mln tonnes).

Saudi Arabia is the leading importer of Russian barley. It bought 2.4 mln tonnes of the grain in the reporting period, up by 43%. Tunisia moved to the second position in the list of the largest importers with 435.8 thsd tonnes bought in July-April (up by 5.5 times). Libya imported 421.5 thsd tonnes of the grain, up by 40%. The common share of these countries amounted to 58%.

APK-Inform forecasts Russia to export the record 6.1 mln tonnes of barley in 2020/21 MY, up by 45% compared to 2019/20 MY (4.2 mln tonnes). The country has already shipped 92% of its export potential.