Area of winter crops’ loss exceeded 1 mln ha in Russia




As of June 1, the overall area of winter crops’ loss reached 1.008 mln ha or 14.2% of the general planted area, including 964 thsd ha under grains and pulses, in agricultural organizations of Russia (excluding small farms), informs Rosstat on June 30.

The year ago, the loss of winter grains was observed across 144.4 thsd ha or 2% of the planted area.

As of June 1, Russian farmers planted spring grains and pulses (including corn for grain) throughout 26.3 mln ha compared to 26.8 mln ha as of the same date in 2020 (-1.9%). At the same time, the plated area under sunflower seed was widened by 4.8% to 7.882 mln ha.