Russian grain crop to fall to 124 mln tonnes in 2021




Russia will produce about 124 mln tonnes of grains, down by almost 8% year-on-year on drought, declared the General Director of ProZerno agency, Vladimir Petrichenko, informed TASS.

“I see grain crop at 123-124 mln tonnes this year. I cut sizably my expectations for wheat crop to 77-78 mln tonnes due to drought that began in some regions as far back as April and still hurts our fields. Probably, it will last in August as well”, - he explained.

The expert pointed out that he had cut his forecast of barley production from 20.94 mln tonnes to 18.49 mln tonnes on smaller planted area. Corn crop he set at 14.6 mln tonnes (13.88 mln tonnes in 2020) amid the extension of planted area from 8.25 mln ha to 3 mln ha.

Petrichenko added that winter crops faced problems in Southern FD as early as spring. Now, high temperature has been observing for several weeks that is negative for crops.

“Additionally, the significant drought is observed across southern Ural and partially in Volga region. The situation in Siberia is quite good”, - V. Petrichenko said.

Russia harvested 133.47 mln tonnes of grains in 2020, including 85.9 mln tonnes of wheat, 20.94 mln tonnes of barley and 13.88 mln tonnes of corn.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia forecasts the grain production at more than 127 mln tonnes in 2021, including more than 81 mln tonnes of wheat.