Russia increased import of fat&oil products in monetary terms




In January-June, Russia cut export of fat&oil products to 4 mln tonnes. At the same time, the export increased by 43% to 3.5 bln USD in monetary terms compare to the same period of the previous year due to the sharp growth of prices of the key vegetable oils on the global market, informed Agroexport.

The export of sunflower oil increased by 47% to 2.1 bln USD, export of rapeseed oil up by 18% to 341 thsd tonnes and up by 56% to 376 mln USD in monetary terms. The shipments of soybean oil amounted to 264 thsd tonnes at the sum of 277 mln USD.

The export of meals and cakes totaled 1.6 mln tonnes at the sum of 581 mln USD (+57%).

The supplies to Turkey increased by 16% to 780 thsd tonnes at the sum of 696 mln USD (up 2.3 times). The shipments included 513 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil (+36%) at the sum of 605 mln USD (up 2.4 times), 266 thsd tonnes of meals and cakes (-9.4%) at the sum of 90 mln USD (+69%).

The export of Russian products to China declined by 33% to 525 thsd tonnes. It was up by 2.4% to 591 mln USD in monetary terms. The volume included 232 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil (279 mln USD), 174 thsd tonnes of rapeseed oil (197 mln USD), 105 thsd tonnes of soybean oil (106 mln USD).

Norway increased import of Russian fat&oil products by 53% to 158 thsd tonnes at the sum of 149 mln USD (+99%) on higher purchases of rapeseed oil and soybean meal. India cut purchases by 43% to 123 mln USD.